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 AF REFLECT are sunglasses inspired by underground club culture, where art and sound are constantly merging. AF REFLECT transports you to a new planet through a pair of glasses that are a statement of individuality, rebellion and ultimate expression. Each AF REFLECT manifests the essence of avant-garde aesthetics, creating a unique symphony of visual and auditory influences. Each piece reflects the vibrant energy of nightlife, where creativity knows no bounds and self- expression reigns supreme. AF REFLECT is a statement, a lifestyle and a reflection of your unfiltered identity. Each pair is handcrafted to perfection, making each piece a unique work of art.


AF Reflect glasses are created with high-end acetate by Mazzucchelli and quality lenses produced by Carl Zeiss to provide maximum comfort and eye protection. Every pair of glasses is made in the family-run laboratory in Varese, near Milan, by artisans with over 30 years of experience in the field. Our eyewear are handcrafted with varying tools and old techniques unveiling our products' material identities. Our artisans still use all the traditional techniques, even the ones that have been supplanted by industrial mass production. All refning and sanding is still done by hand, this way each and everyone of our pieces is unique, durable and of the highest quality.



AF Reflect was founded in 2018 by Andrea Pisano and Francesco del Garda. Andrea developed a passion for the eyewear industry, spending much of his time in his artisan father's workshop and experiencing handmade eyewear on a daily basis.
Andrea and Francesco set out to create an eyewear brand inspired by underground club culture, with innovative and timeless designs that appeal to those seeking a distinctive style.