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Sound Journey


 AF Reflect’s sound journey 005 with Melina Serser.
The captivating soundscapes of Melina Serser draw from an eclectic reach of global influences, from indigenous rhythms to dub, trip hop, ambient, downtempo and electronica.Hailing from Montevideo, Uruguay, and now based in Barcelona, Melina started to collect records in 2010 and has spent much of the last years refining her own and unique style. In each of her sets, she delivers a creation of rich and varied sonic tapestry, as she uncovers unknown jewels to exhibit an exploration of organic & electronic sounds from around the planet, taking the listeners on a journey of different emotions, sensations, symbols, and Groove.


With a vinyl collection that started in the 90's,
Francesco Del Garda will take us on a unique journey
with an ambient mix.
AF Reflect’s sound journey 003 with e/tape.
Sound artist and experimental ambient musician KMRU,
takes us on AF Reflect Eyewear's sound journey.
Born in 1986 & Ossios ambient mix recorded at Motif Wein Berlin